Unachievable means impossible to achieve or achieve. When you say that something is unachievable, you are saying that it is impossible for the person or thing to achieve.

  • The project was unachievable because the deadline was too tight.

  • The goal was unachievable because the team was not able to score enough goals.

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Example Sentences for unachievable

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    True neutrality is unachievable without omniscience, and that's unachievable.

  • 2

    Perfection in general is an unachievable ideal.

  • 3

    Some feel that goal is unachievable.

  • 4

    Indeed, craving for the unachievable is the lot of the elect.

  • 5

    Because such a goal was so obviously unachievable.

  • 6

    This might seem to be an unachievable goal, and maybe it is.

  • 7

    I have no idea how that is practicably unachievable, unfortunately.

  • 8

    Love and ongoing life are eternal, but unachievable, dreams for the characters.

  • 9

    An exact time bracketing has been unachievable at present.

  • 10

    The fact that so many millions of Europeans are waiting for us to open the doors of the Union to them should serve to make us appreciate anew things which today we take for granted, but which forty or fifty years ago seemed like unachievable dreams.