Unabated means unchecked or uncontrolled. The fire was unabated, and the building was quickly destroyed.

  • The fire was unabated and the whole building was destroyed.

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Example Sentences for unabated

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    But the hardships of blockade duty in the Gulf were unabated.

  • 2

    It starts with the objective of ridiculing the man and then continues unabated.

  • 3

    He continues to do so unceasingly unabated.

  • 4

    The carnage went on unabated through the month of August.

  • 5

    The discussion over the slave trade continued unabated.

  • 6

    During 1916, the commerce war continued unabated in the Mediterranean.

  • 7

    Civil war with the communists continued unabated in the country side.

  • 8

    The war continued unabated with Nanjing unable to resolve the conflict.

  • 9

    After the collapse of the studio system, his career continued unabated.

  • 10

    Here, extrajudicial killings by the joint security forces continue unabated.