Ultimatums are a type of demand that is made in a threatening or threatening way. When a company makes an ultimatum, they are asking for a very specific thing in a very short amount of time.

  • The company made an ultimatum to the workers, demanding that they return to work immediately.

  • The politician made an ultimatum to the people protesting outside of the building, threatening them with violence if they didn’t leave.

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    It whas the response of Serbian to the ultimatum.

  • 2

    The ultimatum was answered by gunfire from the rebels.

  • 3

    What was the connection between the Ultimatum and Polonization

  • 4

    News of the ultimatum reached London on the day it expired.

  • 5

    I thought it was due to the presentation of the Austrian Ultimatum.

  • 6

    In response, the British issued the British Ultimatum to Portugal.

  • 7

    Serbia refused the ultimatum and the Austrians declared war.

  • 8

    He rejected the insulting ultimatum of the Russian emperor.

  • 9

    The annexation is the direct cause of the alliance pact and the ultimatum.

  • 10

    Also the Nash Bargaining Game seems to be the ultimatum game in disguise.