To tweet is to post a short message on Twitter. Twitter is a social media platform where people can post short messages about anything that is happening in their lives.

  • I'm going to tweet about the party tonight.

  • She tweeted about her new book when it came out.

Definition of tweet


make a weak, chirping sound




squeeze tightly between the fingers


nip, pinch, squeeze, twinge, twitch


a weak chirping sound as of a small bird


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Example Sentences for tweet

  • 1

    Torrie Tweeted a festive greeting to her fans, leaving her statuesque lover out of the picture.

  • 2

    The court papers show modern intrigue spelled out in texts and tweets, many jokey, some confessional.

  • 3

    So much has been said and written about being social we tweet, we pin, we like.

  • 4

    The song of this bird is a loud repeated 'tweet tweet tweet tweet'.

  • 5

    The song of this bird is a loud repeated tweet tweet tweet tweet.

  • 6

    The given tweet, and retweets of the given tweet.

  • 7

    This will then make you tweet the tweet that you retweeted.

  • 8

    Tweet and the unavailability of training data.

  • 9

    The tweet is then being routed to human translators and the result is routed back as a tweet to the person who requested it.

  • 10

    Other vocalizations include a fast tweet and a short chi chi chi .