To tug something is to pull it gently. You might tug on a toy to move it, or you might tug on someone's arm to get their attention.

  • The child was tugging on the dog's leash, trying to get him to follow her.

  • The rope was tugging at the anchor, trying to pull it free.

Definition of tugging


To pull or drag with great effort


To pull hard repeatedly


To tow by tugboat


The action of something that tugs; a pull.

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Example Sentences for tugging

  • 1

    The boat owner capsized the tug.

  • 2

    The people found the tug boat.

  • 3

    Tom tugs at the lasso, dragging the bull into a large bundle of hay.

  • 4

    The specifics of the tug are as follows.

  • 5

    A tug is in the foreground and the Saruwaged Range is in the distance.

  • 6

    Part of the town is on the Tug Hill Plateau.

  • 7

    The gravitational tug is not relevant in asteroid kinematics.

  • 8

    By the end she was the sole remnant of the tug fleet.

  • 9

    Clearly the tug of war is lurching in his direction.

  • 10

    The tug is usually the most exciting part of the game.