A trusty is a person or animal that you can trust. You can trust them to do what you ask them to do, and you know that they will always be there for you.

  • The dog is my trusty, and I always know that he will protect me.

  • The plant is my trusty, and I know that he will always protect me from the bad things that happen in the world.

Definition of trusty


worthy of trust or belief




a convict who is considered trustworthy and granted special privileges

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Example Sentences for trusty

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    The ultimate trusty guardian is missing.

  • 2

    A trustee is a person under the Trusty system.

  • 3

    They are the servant class but un trusty and unworthy.

  • 4

    He is often found on his trusty bike.

  • 5

    One of the weapons that helped the ninja was the trusty sword.

  • 6

    But with his trusty laptop he was never alone.

  • 7

    He also has a sword that for a weapon is a trusty one.

  • 8

    Finding Trusty, accurate references for the article will be most difficult.

  • 9

    It was and prior to him ever being given the trusty position.

  • 10

    An example would be our trusty friend poison ivy.