Tripling is an adjective that means threefold. When you triple the amount of something, you are getting three times the amount of that thing.

  • The recipe called for tripling the amount of sugar.

  • The company tripled its profits last year.

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Example Sentences for tripling

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    The price of wheat tripled and acreage seeded doubled.

  • 2

    Its insularity is therefore triple.

  • 3

    The population triples during the summer.

  • 4

    Is the tricritical point the same as the triple point

  • 5

    Descant horns are included in triple horns.

  • 6

    The colonnade and the triple arches are of red sandstone.

  • 7

    The triples that are out of range are out of gamut.

  • 8

    In the 13th century, the arcade of the triple nave was walled in.

  • 9

    The cause of death was a triple hemorrhage of her lungs.

  • 10

    The glass is composed of Lexan and a triple laminate of glass.