Tribalism is a type of loyalty that is found among groups of people. It is often based on things like race, religion, or culture.

  • The tribalism between the two groups is becoming too strong.

  • The tribalism between the two families is a big part of their history.

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Example Sentences for tribalism

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    It was in the tribal territorial allotment.

  • 2

    The Chinese are tribal, people of the ear.

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    Egbesu is the tribal god of the Kolokuma.

  • 4

    It was in the tribal territorial allotment of the tribe of Gad.

  • 5

    The man was pleased with the act of the tribal boy.

  • 6

    This led to the alienation of the lands held by the tribals.

  • 7

    It is unsupported by books and by the tribal heritage of the people themselves.

  • 8

    It represents the beliefs and lifestyle of the tribal people of the region.

  • 9

    Illiteracy and the exploitation of the tribal people were rife.

  • 10

    The tribal peoples there were related to the Tibetans of the Amdo.