To go up a tree is to go to a high place. A lot of trees have branches that go up high into the air.

  • She went up the tree to get a better view.

  • The children were playing up in the tree, and the parents wanted to make sure they didn't get too close to the branches.

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Example Sentences for treetop

  • 1

    A treetop house provides accommodation for the adventurous.

  • 2

    The muddy waters reached roofs and treetops in New Braunfels.

  • 3

    Visitors walk through the area and can also view it from treetop lookouts.

  • 4

    He wants to climb to the treetop.

  • 5

    The mother found the boy at the treetop.

  • 6

    The child almost fell from the treetop.

  • 7

    The treetop layer is the rainforest's green ceiling.

  • 8

    Marsupials roamed the treetops of Australia's rain forests.

  • 9

    These are unmistakable birds, although often inconspicuous in the treetops.

  • 10

    New research suggests massive marsupials lived in treetops.