A traversable object is one that you can walk or move on top of. A road, a bridge, and a sidewalk are all examples of traversable objects.

  • The bridge is not traversable because it's not tall enough.

  • The sidewalk is traversable, but the road is not.

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Example Sentences for traversable

  • 1

    The travellers traversed the continent.

  • 2

    The Hamgyong Mountains traverse the county.

  • 3

    The carriage traverses the length of the press brake.

  • 4

    The grinding wheel does not traverse the workpiece.

  • 5

    Sometimes a flying saucer will traverse the top of the screen.

  • 6

    The dumb monkey randomly traverses a path in the program.

  • 7

    The lighter particles traverse the analyzer tube the fastest.

  • 8

    The trunks reshuffle as they traverse towards the arm into cords.

  • 9

    Do the canals and pumps traverse nearly the length of the state

  • 10

    The backwaters traversing the state are an important mode of inland navigation.