To transplant is to move a plant or plant part from one place to another. You can transplant a plant into a new soil or into a new container.

  • They are transplanting the tree to a new location.

  • They are transplanting the flowers into a new vase.

Definition of transplanting


the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location


transplant, transplantation

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Example Sentences for transplanting

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    The first heart transplant was in 1967, and the moon landing in 1969.

  • 2

    Transplanters automate the task of transplanting seedlings to the field.

  • 3

    Criminal gangs are likely exploiting a situation where demand for donor organs is outstripping supply and patients are left languishing on official transplant waiting lists.

  • 4

    Porcine liver was transplanted to a dog.

  • 5

    The demand for eyebrow transplants is increasing.

  • 6

    The scientists transplanted the lung of pigs.

  • 7

    Who is the authority to transplant organs

  • 8

    A transplanted Briton, he is the scourge of the monarchy.

  • 9

    Occasionally, the kidney is transplanted together with the pancreas.

  • 10

    The bold man transplanted his hair.