A transgression is a violation of some rule or law. When you break the law, you are committing a transgression.

  • The police officer caught the student transgressing the school's rules.

  • The teacher found the student transgressing the rules of the classroom.

Definition of transgression


the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle




the action of going beyond or overstepping some boundary or limit


the spreading of the sea over land as evidenced by the deposition of marine strata over terrestrial strata

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Example Sentences for transgression

  • 1

    In the latter case it is a common transgression.

  • 2

    That was because they rebelled and used to transgress.

  • 3

    He has transgressed the rule.

  • 4

    The boundaries of relational transgressions are permeable.

  • 5

    A statement of the problem is made, and the transgression discussed.

  • 6

    No one noticed that he committed a transgression.

  • 7

    Perhaps that was the correct punishment for my transgression.

  • 8

    The Yajnya can not surpass nor transgress there.

  • 9

    Theological sin is a transgression of the eternal law.

  • 10

    They can not surpass nor transgress the richas.