To transact is to do business. When you transact with someone, you are exchanging goods or services.

  • The business transacts with other companies to get goods and services.

  • The business transacts with customers to get their money.

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Example Sentences for transacts

  • 1

    He transacts business in the slave trade.

  • 2

    The latter company was the seller and the transaction occurred in Minnesota.

  • 3

    Is he bankrupt and unable to transact business

  • 4

    Parliament is going to transact normal business today.

  • 5

    He is registered to transact securities business in 22 states.

  • 6

    The Battalion Vice Commandant had gone into Whites to transact some business.

  • 7

    The transaction was completed in the summer.

  • 8

    Then the fact that when people go to Walmart, they're going there to spend money, they're going there to transact business.

  • 9

    Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions.

  • 10

    The transaction closed in the third quarter.