Tragically means fatally. When something tragic happens, it means that the person or thing involved ends up dying.

  • tragically, the plane crashed.

  • tragically, the child died.

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Example Sentences for tragically

  • 1

    Tragically, the baby is stillborn.

  • 2

    The consequences of the rupture were tragic.

  • 3

    The story is quite sad and tragic.

  • 4

    It was tragic to see the contumely break relationships.

  • 5

    His tragic plots tend to the sentimental.

  • 6

    You should not gawk at the tragic accident.

  • 7

    It is tragic to see them connive each other.

  • 8

    I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb.

  • 9

    Postal workers sympathize in aftermath of tragic loss.

  • 10

    Hu is filled with anguish by the tragic loss of Cheng.