When something is torched, it is set on fire. This can be a literal fire, or it can be a figurative fire.

  • The building was torched by the protesters.

  • The article was torched by the critic.

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Example Sentences for torched

  • 1

    The man lighted the torch.

  • 2

    The book and the torch symbolize intelligence and wisdom.

  • 3

    The roof of the dome has a cylindrical torch.

  • 4

    The wood is often used for torches and firewood.

  • 5

    Torch relay and the lighting of the flame cauldron.

  • 6

    Windflower is destroyed by the flaming torches of the Islanders.

  • 7

    Inside the flame of the torch, the year 1854 is visible.

  • 8

    A hypodermic needle was originally used for the torch tip.

  • 9

    The android Human Torch was found and joined the Wca.

  • 10

    The ceremony ended with the lighting of the torch on the Aspire Tower.