Tokamaks are fusion reactors. They are a type of fusion reactor that uses a magnetic field to hold the plasma in place. This makes it possible to heat the plasma to very high temperatures, which is what makes it possible to create a fusion reaction.

  • The tokamak is a very new type of fusion reactor, and it's still in development.

  • The tokamak is still in development, and it isn't very efficient.

Definition of tokamak


a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research; a plasma is heated and confined in a magnetic bottle

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    An alternative to the tokamak is the stellarator.

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    The modeling of the tokamak plasmas.

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    That is the case for tokamak, but not, for example for the DPF.

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    See tokamak for one possible design of such a reactor.

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    The project theory is based on ignited plasma in tokamak.

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    This phenomenon was first observed in the ASDEX tokamak in 1981.

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    The higher the Q, the more efficiently will the tokamak produce power.

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    He is named after the tokamak, part of a nuclear fusion reactor.

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    Methods and apparatus for plasma generation, confinement and control such as Tokamak plasma systems are described having a two layer field shaping coil system comprising an inner coil layer close to the plasma and an outer coil layer to minimize the current in the inner coil layer.