When someone is tickled, they are feeling a sense of pleasure and amusement because they are being touched or poked in a funny or unexpected way.

  • She was tickled when he put his arms around her.

  • He was tickled when she tickled him under the arms.

Definition of tickled


To touch repeatedly or stroke delicately in a manner which causes laughter, pleasure and twitching.


To unexpectedly touch or stroke delicately in a manner which causes displeasure or withdrawal.


(of a body part) To feel as if the body part in question is being tickled.


To appeal to someone's taste, curiosity etc.


To cause delight or amusement in.


To feel titillation.


To catch fish in the hand (usually in rivers or smaller streams) by manually stimulating the fins.


To be excited or heartened.

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Example Sentences for tickled

  • 1

    This tickled the girl.

  • 2

    He enjoys tickling others.

  • 3

    The boy tickled his brother.

  • 4

    They also underlie the phenomena of tickling.

  • 5

    Why is she tickling the boy

  • 6

    Of course, this inflicts extreme tickle of the victim.

  • 7

    He was tickled pink by the accent and the etiquette.

  • 8

    We used to tickle the goldfish in the pond

  • 9

    It tickled and the sounds in my ear were incredible.

  • 10

    I scratched my back because something was tickling.