To thwart someone is to stop them from achieving their goal. Sometimes the goal that is being thwarted is very important, and stopping it is a very difficult task.

  • The police were trying to thwart the bomber's plan, but they were unsuccessful.

  • The company was trying to thwart the thief's plan, but they were also unsuccessful.

Definition of thwarted


disappointingly unsuccessful


defeated, disappointed, discomfited, foiled, frustrated

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Example Sentences for thwarted

  • 1

    The attempt was thwarted and the conspiracy unraveled.

  • 2

    They didn't seem to thwart the man.

  • 3

    Star Booty breaks in and thwarts the plan.

  • 4

    Forewarned, Sharpe is able to thwart the turncoat.

  • 5

    The brand, in fact, was originated to thwart rustlers.

  • 6

    The plans were thwarted by the outbreak of the war.

  • 7

    This technicality is intended to evade the law and thwart the Will of Congress.

  • 8

    This enabled the Germans to successfully stymie and thwart American movements.

  • 9

    Ultraman King had arrived to thwart the diabolical alien.

  • 10

    After the ensuing battle, the team successfully thwarted the hijack attempt.