To thinkable is to be possible or conceivable. When you say that something is thinkable, you mean that it's possible to think about it and deal with it.

  • The idea of moving to another city is thinkable, because it's possible to plan and organize something like that.

  • It's thinkable to think about living in a world without capitalism.

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    About the thinkable and liveable.

  • 2

    Other ways had also been thinkable.

  • 3

    A shrine of the cult of Diomedes here is perfectly thinkable.

  • 4

    I mean, lots of things are possible or at least thinkable.

  • 5

    It is the hunting ground of pure mind stalking the logically thinkable.

  • 6

    It is not un thinkable that he could have become president at the time.

  • 7

    Accepting this fact is un thinkable to many world wide historians.

  • 8

    A ten ton liquid argon detector is a thinkable expansion possibility for ArDM.