A thermonuclear war is a war that is fought with weapons that use heat instead of bullets or bombs. This type of war is incredibly destructive and can destroy everything in a very short amount of time.

  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted happened in 1991.

  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted never happened, but it could have.

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    Insiders favored the terms nuclear and thermonuclear, respectively.

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    Are you sure that the sun gets all its energy from thermonuclear fusion

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    This was the first thermonuclear weapons.

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    Morgenstern was the early US thermonuclear weapons.

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    Physicists are biased regarding the Thermonuclear Laws.

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    The W76 is a United States' thermonuclear warhead.

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    The question then is whether the thermonuclear weapons are staged or not.

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    The thermonuclear device tested at Pokhran was not an actual warhead.

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    He explained solar energy by the thermonuclear reactions of hydrogen.

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    The invention is useful in thermonuclear reaction studies and optics studies.