The thalamus is a part of the brain that is responsible for regulating emotions and behavior. It plays a role in things like memory, attention, and mood.

    Definition of thalamus


    large egg-shaped structures of grey matter that form the dorsal subdivision of the diencephalon

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      The thalamus then innervates the cortical division of the limbic forebrain.

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      There is no thalamus in general.

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      Pathways to the thalamus and the cortex.

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      Thanks for the addition to Thalamus.

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      Lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus.

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      Lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus.

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      It connects the globus pallidus to the thalamus.

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      It is a part of the ventral thalamus or perithalamus.

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      The thalamus is an output not a part of the BG.

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      The thalamus surrounds the third ventricle.