Testimonies are stories or letters that are written about a particular topic. They can be written by people who were involved in the event, or by people who were not involved but want to share their opinion.

  • The testimonies are very emotional, and they make it clear how much the students care about the teacher.

  • The testimonies are very supportive of the new curriculum, and they make it clear how much the students will benefit from it.

Definition of testimonies


something that serves as evidence




an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact


a solemn statement made under oath

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Example Sentences for testimonies

  • 1

    The people value the testimony and evidence.

  • 2

    The court testimony is obtainable online.

  • 3

    The Court then reviewed the testimony of the various witnesses.

  • 4

    The central issue is whether the hearsay evidence is testimonial.

  • 5

    In court, the impeachment of an eyewitness affects the whole testimony.

  • 6

    The court heard much the same testimony as in the committal hearings.

  • 7

    But the uttering of the testimony is not an inference.

  • 8

    Examples of this are the testimonial and specification sections.

  • 9

    Also, the testimony of the man is twice that of the woman.

  • 10

    At the end of the day, the testimony isn't that substantial.