To terrorize someone is to cause them a lot of fear. You might terrorize them by making threats or by injuring them.

  • The robbers terrorized the customers and stole their money.

  • The monster terrorized the children by attacking them.

Definition of terrorize


coerce by violence or with threats




fill with terror; frighten greatly


terrify, terrorise

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Example Sentences for terrorize

  • 1

    It was the Platonic form of terrorism.

  • 2

    Terrorism is the technique of the weak.

  • 3

    He was in a terror of a ghost.

  • 4

    The War on Terror is an afterthought.

  • 5

    Malicious terrorism gripped the land.

  • 6

    Isn't the pain and the terror the same

  • 7

    People are afraid of terrorism in the city.

  • 8

    Fomenting fear and terror was the point.

  • 9

    The threat of terrorism hangs in the air.

  • 10

    Assassination is one of the methods in the arsenal of terrorism.