Terrifying is a word that is used to describe something that is very frightening. When something is terrifying, it is very likely to make you feel scared or scared of the future.

  • The movie was terrifying, and I felt very scared during it.

  • The scene in the movie was so terrifying, I was shaking all throughout it.

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Example Sentences for terrifying

  • 1

    It leaves the viewer frightened, terrified and petrified.

  • 2

    Makeba fell on the stage to the horror of the terrified and worried audience.

  • 3

    This movie won't terrify the younger generation but is a fun soft horror movie for the younger set and adults to enjoy.

  • 4

    That will inspire and terrify you.

  • 5

    Congress is terrified of scrimping on it.

  • 6

    The superstitious girl is terrified.

  • 7

    The tramps and the girl are terrified.

  • 8

    It would be terrifying to behead the slaves.

  • 9

    The autopsy leads to terrifying revelations.

  • 10

    The mention of the army terrifies him.