Tensing is a type of physical exercise that is used to improve your strength and flexibility. When you tense your muscles, you are able to hold your body in a particular position for a longer period of time.

  • The students were tense as they waited for the results.

  • The muscles in her arms were tensed as she held the baby.

Definition of tensing


(grammar) To apply a tense to.


To make or become tense.


The act of making something tense.

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Example Sentences for tensing

  • 1

    It was an extraordinarily tense time.

  • 2

    The buildup to the premiere was tense.

  • 3

    The situation in the city was tense.

  • 4

    The conditional tense is part of the indicative.

  • 5

    The only perfect tense is in the indicative.

  • 6

    The pluperfect tense is currently disappearing.

  • 7

    No pluperfect or continuous tenses are used in this senence.

  • 8

    I attempted to correct the tense of the article.

  • 9

    The crowd outside became tense and impatient.

  • 10

    The following is a conjugation in the present tense of the verb to be.