When something doubles or multiplies, it's called doubling or multiplying. But when something increases by a hundredfold, it's called tenfold.

  • The company has tenfold the revenue that it had last year.

  • The price of the product has tenfold increased.

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Example Sentences for tenfold

  • 1

    The number of people increased more than tenfold.

  • 2

    In the 20th century the Aboriginal population of Canada increased tenfold.

  • 3

    In twenty years, the size of tankers had increased tenfold.

  • 4

    One study stated a tenfold increased prevalence of the disease in this cohort.

  • 5

    During his tenure, he increased the size of the United States Navy tenfold.

  • 6

    The grain trade expanded more than tenfold, increasing from in 1895 to in 1907.

  • 7

    Sourcing it improves the article tenfold.

  • 8

    The legislation raises the fine by tenfold.

  • 9

    This boosted his popularity by the tenfold.

  • 10

    In the years that followed, the town grew tenfold in size.