When people talk about tenements, they are usually referring to old, dirty, and dangerous buildings. These buildings were usually built near the edge of a city, so they could get a lot of people in close proximity.

  • The tenements were built so that the poor could live near the rich.

  • The tenements are a reminder of the city's past.

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  • 1

    The building of the former school is renovated and used as a tenement.

  • 2

    There were then fourteen tenements in the rents.

  • 3

    These became tenements in the 19th century.

  • 4

    Detroit was not, a city of squalid tenements in 1967.

  • 5

    The labourers lived in cramped tenement blocks.

  • 6

    In this yard, daily and public life of the tenement unfolds.

  • 7

    His body was found in the hallway of a Manhattan tenement.

  • 8

    Acrobatic Tenement is the debut album from At the Drive In, released in 1996.

  • 9

    Buck, now in a state of dilapidation, and let in tenements occupied by pitmen.

  • 10

    Here, parcel B is the dominant tenement, and parcel A is the servient estate.