Teleportation is the ability to move from one place to another without actually traveling through space. It's usually described as a kind of magical ability.

  • He claimed that he could teleportation, but no one was ever able to prove it.

  • The scientist claimed that she had teleportation, but her experiment failed.

Definition of teleportation


a hypothetical mode of instantaneous transportation; matter is dematerialized at one place and recreated at another

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Example Sentences for teleportation

  • 1

    She also has the ability to levitate and to teleport.

  • 2

    The necromancer offers to teleport it to a destination of his choosing.

  • 3

    Apparition is the magical form of teleportation in the Harry Potter series.

  • 4

    His powers also provide him with teleportation, intangibility, and duplication.

  • 5

    Dimensional teleportation is another proposed means of teleportation.

  • 6

    A teleportation counts as a move.

  • 7

    The teleports are limited, as are the girders.

  • 8

    Astra has the ability to teleport.

  • 9

    Has access to a teleportation system.

  • 10

    Huber teleported the three to the Antarctic.