To teem is to be crowded. When there are too many people in a place, it's called a teem.

  • The shopping mall was teeming with people.

  • The park was teeming with insects.

Definition of teem


be teeming, be abuzz


pullulate, swarm


move in large numbers


pour, pullulate, stream, swarm

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Example Sentences for teem

  • 1

    The leaf is teeming with larvas.

  • 2

    The poem is teeming with symbolism.

  • 3

    The waterfalls teem into the river.

  • 4

    Something is teeming from the top.

  • 5

    The girl was teemed with full of flowers.

  • 6

    I took a picture of waterfall teeming.

  • 7

    He lives in the teeming metropolis of Johnsburg.

  • 8

    Fourth, the article is teeming with sentence fragments.

  • 9

    The margins of the bay teemed with marine life.

  • 10

    The reefs around the islands teem with life.