To tearfully is to cry a lot. When she was tearfully hugging her mom, she was very emotional.

  • She was tearfully thanking her friends for coming to her birthday party.

  • She was tearfully telling her husband that she was leaving him.

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Example Sentences for tearfully

  • 1

    She rose hesitatingly, and tearfully pleaded for her daughter to be released to her care.

  • 2

    Lynn tearfully accepts this as the truth.

  • 3

    But by the film's end, they are tearfully reunited.

  • 4

    They return home and are tearfully met by mother.

  • 5

    It only returns to normal when they tearfully ask it to.

  • 6

    The lovers tearfully say goodbye to one another.

  • 7

    Pam comes to terms with the separation and tearfully embraces Jim.

  • 8

    Beth tearfully played a sweet southern melody as a tribute to him.

  • 9

    As he left Blast, he also tearfully broke up with Nana.

  • 10

    Anne Sophie tearfully accepted, going into hiding after Tamaki's departure.