Tastier is a word that is used to describe things that are more enjoyable or satisfying. When you say that something is tastier, you mean that it is more enjoyable to eat or drink than something else.

  • The soup was tastier than the salad.

  • The wine was tastier than the beer.

Definition of tastier


Having a pleasant or satisfying flavor; delicious.


Having or showing good taste; tasteful.


Appealing; when applied to persons, sexually appealing.


Skillful; highly competent.


Potentially violent.

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Example Sentences for tastier

  • 1

    It is considered tasty and is the daily food of the fishermen.

  • 2

    I find the food tasty and very appealing to the eye.

  • 3

    People can find free and tasty Turkish food in most of the mosques.

  • 4

    The pie was tasty.

  • 5

    It is said to be nourishing and tasty.

  • 6

    I munched the cookie and it was tasty.

  • 7

    All of this makes the tasty earth disappear.

  • 8

    Meatwad confuses the new chip with the tasty kind and eats it.

  • 9

    In the area very tasty honey is produced in small quantities.

  • 10

    Four volumes and the word 'atlas' in the title make it sound tasty.