To tape something is to attach a piece of tape to it. You might use tape to attach a document to a wall, to hold a piece of paper in place, or to hold a piece of fabric in place.

  • He taped the door shut so that the dog couldn't get in.

  • She taped the fabric to the wall so that it would stay in place.

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Example Sentences for taping

  • 1

    The taping of the show was also released on video.

  • 2

    The contestants on location and in studio are taped live during the taping.

  • 3

    For the youtube video I acted in the film and helped with taping.

  • 4

    Obviously the recording format of the cassette tape was important.

  • 5

    I cadged money to record a small tape.

  • 6

    The only oration that now survives is a recorded tape.

  • 7

    The tape wasn't in the recorder and the work of the song is wasted.

  • 8

    Sites received both adulation and hate mail for taping the video.

  • 9

    The tape recorder and the briefcase were both rigged with explosives.

  • 10

    Taping allows fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience.