To tamp something is to press it down gently so that it doesn't move or become inflated. Tampers are used to compress things like paper and cloth.

  • The police are using tampers to keep the protesters from getting too close.

  • The cloth was compressed with the tampers, so it would not lose its shape.

Definition of tamp


press down tightly


pack, tamp down


a tool for tamping (e.g., for tamping tobacco into a pipe bowl or a charge into a drill hole etc.)


tamper, tamping bar

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Example Sentences for tamp

  • 1

    Tamp it down firmly with a square tamping tool.

  • 2

    But yes, indeed, it was a tamping iron and not a railroad spike.

  • 3

    I tamped a piece of garlic in my spaghetti.

  • 4

    You figure out how to tamp it down.

  • 5

    Automatic application are basically of two types, tamp on or wipe on.

  • 6

    If not, let's stick to the facts and to trying to tamp down on this vandalism.

  • 7

    Seems that regular editing and discussion can tamp this down.

  • 8

    A spud bar with a thickened end can be used to tamp soil.

  • 9

    Automatic application are basically of two types, either to tamp on or wipe on.

  • 10

    I thought graphite coating was just to help with pouring and tamping.