The tallest person is the one who is tallest among the people in the group. This doesn't always mean that they are the tallest person in the world.

  • The tallest person in the group is the girl.

  • The tallest person in the group is the boy.

Definition of tallest


(of a person) Having a vertical extent greater than the average. For example, somebody with a height of over 6 feet would generally be considered to be tall.


(of a building, etc.) Having its top a long way up; having a great vertical (and often greater than horizontal) extent; high.


(of a story) Hard to believe, such as a tall story or a tall tale.


(of a cup of coffee) A cup of coffee smaller than grande, usually 8 ounces.


Obsequious; obedient.


Seemly; suitable; fitting, becoming, comely; attractive, handsome.


Bold; brave; courageous; valiant.


Fine; proper; admirable; great; excellent.

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Example Sentences for tallest

  • 1

    In these conditions, trees grow tall and thrive.

  • 2

    It is the building with the tall antenna at the top.

  • 3

    Did he grow the tall dendroid back there

  • 4

    Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing

  • 5

    Discussion of the location of tall buildings is unproductive.

  • 6

    A tall thin sapling grows in the garden near my house.

  • 7

    This tall Yazagaku student is the epitome of high class and femininity.

  • 8

    When they are damaged, very tall buildings occasionally have to be flattened.

  • 9

    He was tall and gangly.

  • 10

    The height of the pony is not that tall.