To symbolize something is to represent or represent as something. When you symbolize a group of people, you are saying that they are similar to a group of things.

  • The flag symbolizes the country's values.

  • The statue symbolizes the city's history.

Definition of symbolizes


express indirectly by an image, form, or model; be a symbol


represent, stand for, symbolise, typify


represent or identify by using a symbol; use symbols



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Example Sentences for symbolizes

  • 1

    This shift affected the symbolism of the emblem.

  • 2

    The focal point of the emblem is the fire symbol.

  • 3

    The circle shape of the Emblem is a symbol of a life and eternity.

  • 4

    The crest on the club emblem is the symbol of the flag of Friesland.

  • 5

    The Scout emblem features a budding nutmeg, the national symbol.

  • 6

    The logo represents that of the Notre Dame symbol.

  • 7

    This corresponds to the symbols the Gemini constellation represents.

  • 8

    For Christians the Cross on Mount Calvary expresses the symbol.

  • 9

    It does not concisely express the redolent symbolism embodied in the dish.

  • 10

    In the centre of the flag is tripod symbol, which represents unity.