To swoop is to move quickly and forcefully towards something. When the birds swoop down to eat worms, they are taking advantage of their speed and strength to get the job done.

  • The birds swooped down to eat the worms, and they quickly got the job done.

  • The company swooped in to buy the company that was going bankrupt.

Definition of swooped


To fly or glide downwards suddenly; to plunge (in the air) or nosedive.


To move swiftly, as if with a sweeping movement, especially to attack something.


To fall on at once and seize; to catch while on the wing.


To seize; to catch up; to take with a sweep.


To pass with pomp; to sweep.

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Example Sentences for swooped

  • 1

    The plane swooped at night.

  • 2

    Bargain hunters prepare to swoop.

  • 3

    Seagull is urged by coach to swoop in series.

  • 4

    The crustaceans swim primarily by swooping the antennae.

  • 5

    At this point, the vultures swoop in and kidnap the spring and Greensleeves.

  • 6

    Fortunately, Medivh swoops in to slay the remainder of the party.

  • 7

    The bats swoop down and attack the squirrel maiden.

  • 8

    Wouldn't the cavalry be able to swoop in on the ladies itself

  • 9

    It's too easy to swoop in and add tags at the tops of articles.

  • 10

    Liverpool swoops for England keeper if Brum takeover stalls.