To be sweltering is to be very hot. If it's sweltering outside, it's probably sweltering inside too.

  • It was so hot outside that the pavement was melting.

  • The sun was so hot that it was burning my skin.

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Example Sentences for sweltering

  • 1

    It's sweltering hot and everybody is miserable.

  • 2

    Summer soon arrived and the sweltering heat killed several plants and shrubs.

  • 3

    Despite the sweltering heat of summer, he continued to run per day.

  • 4

    The costumes were sweltering in the heat of television studios.

  • 5

    City is set to swelter under a hot December sun.

  • 6

    The gym is noted for how loud it becomes and the sweltering heat on gamenights.

  • 7

    These resorts were oases from sweltering hot cities for many African Americans.

  • 8

    Those sweltering summer days were the best days I've ever had.

  • 9

    Let's prepare to swelter today.

  • 10

    South swelters as North suffers.