Sunrise is the moment when the light from the sun begins to reach the Earth. It usually happens in the east, but it can also happen in the west.

  • Sunrise is usually the best time to see the sunrise.

  • Sunrise is always beautiful, but it's especially beautiful this year.

Definition of sunrises


The time of day when the sun appears above the eastern horizon.


crack of dawn, dawn, sparrow-fart, sunup


The change in color of the sky at dawn.


Any great awakening.

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Example Sentences for sunrises

  • 1

    Magic is seeing the sunrise in the morning sky.

  • 2

    Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise.

  • 3

    The village of Sunrise is still located on the plat of Sunrise City.

  • 4

    People cluttered to see the sunrise.

  • 5

    Harmony decries the sullen sunrise.

  • 6

    At the following sunrise, the assault began anew.

  • 7

    The Sunrise is the only Indian project in the selection.

  • 8

    This also explains the color of the sunrise and sunset.

  • 9

    This includes the area of the effulgence of the sunset and sunrise.

  • 10

    Before the next sunrise, the patient was bathed in the medicine.