To suffocate is to cause someone to stop breathing. This can happen when someone is trapped in a closed space, or when they are breathing in too much air.

  • The victim was suffocating because of the smoke and the heat.

  • The victim was suffocating because he was trapped in the car.

Definition of suffocating


causing difficulty in breathing especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat


smothering, suffocative

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Example Sentences for suffocating

  • 1

    Most of the deaths were from suffocation or burns.

  • 2

    The cause of Danielle's death was very likely suffocation or smothering.

  • 3

    Death occurs by suffocation as the larynx loses its rigidity and collapses.

  • 4

    The short trip becomes interminable as the men slowly suffocate to death.

  • 5

    The initial cause of death for all three has been attributed to suffocation.

  • 6

    Others suffocated in the mayhem.

  • 7

    The soldier suffocates the baby.

  • 8

    The trapped crewmen died of suffocation.

  • 9

    They can desiccate and will eventually suffocate.

  • 10

    Albert died of suffocation during the flight.