Suctioning is the act of using a vacuum cleaner to clean something. When you suction something, you use the vacuum cleaner to pull the dirt and dust up.

  • The vacuum cleaner was suctioning the dirt and dust off the floor.

  • The vacuum cleaner was suctioning the dirt and dust off the window.

Definition of suctioning


To create an imbalance in pressure between one space and another in order to draw matter between the spaces.


To draw out the contents of a space.

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Example Sentences for suctioning

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    The wafers are then stopped by the suction of the vacuum.

  • 2

    The inlet location is said to be at the suction side of the pump.

  • 3

    The suction is the maximum pressure difference that the pump can create.

  • 4

    You should apply the suction cup to the hole and pump it.

  • 5

    The ascending platform is arranged under the field of action of a suction pump.

  • 6

    The suction cup is not bonded to the surface.

  • 7

    The higher the suction rating, the more powerful the cleaner.

  • 8

    It acts like a suction cup in holding the louse on the fish.

  • 9

    Does the suction cause the intake to move in the direction of inflow

  • 10

    The piston is moved to open the pilot valve by inhalation suction.