To subtly something is to do it in a way that doesn't cause too much attention or notice. When you subtly insult someone, you are saying negative things without actually saying them out loud.

  • She subtly insulted him by calling him lazy.

  • The restaurant subtly advertised its specialties by displaying a small sign next to the door.

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Example Sentences for subtly

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    It is clear, a chaos, subtle and diaphanous.

  • 2

    The narrator is observant and subtle, but skeptical.

  • 3

    The techniques involved are ingenious and subtle.

  • 4

    Why are you trying to be subtle

  • 5

    I think the subtle difference is in the function.

  • 6

    In fact, the difference between the two is subtle.

  • 7

    Some of the vandalism is especially insidious and subtle.

  • 8

    Contralto and alto have a subtle difference.

  • 9

    The difference between a wolf and a dog is subtle.

  • 10

    A more subtle undercurrent in Seascape is the idea of alienation.