The government subsidies a product or service in order to make it more affordable. This means that the government is giving money to the company or person who is providing the product or service, in order to make it more affordable for the consumer.

  • The government subsidies oil companies so that they can continue to operate.

  • The company is subsidizing the rental fees for the apartments, so that people who can't afford to pay full price can still live in the city.

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Example Sentences for subsidizing

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    A square was recently created here to help stop the subsidence of the church.

  • 2

    The cough and congestion subside.

  • 3

    The sickness in the village subsided.

  • 4

    Tuition is subsidized by the government.

  • 5

    By the end of August, the crisis was subsiding.

  • 6

    Is anyone monitoring subsidence of the towers

  • 7

    Should we subsidize giving

  • 8

    The conflict has subsided recently.

  • 9

    They don't deserve the subsidized foodstuff.

  • 10

    Tuition is subsidized by the state and the fed.