When people are subjugated, they are taken advantage of or controlled by someone. The subjugated person usually has no power or control over their own life.

  • The subjugated people were forced to work in the mines.

  • The subjugated people were forced to fight in the war.

Definition of subjugation


the act of conquering


conquering, conquest, subjection


forced submission to control by others




the act of subjugating by cruelty



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Example Sentences for subjugation

  • 1

    Conquest is the act of military subjugation of an enemy by force of arms.

  • 2

    The subjugation of the tribe was unsuccessful.

  • 3

    It resulted in partial subjugation of the Sikh kingdom.

  • 4

    England subjugated Australia and New Zealand.

  • 5

    The objective of Spain in the Patagonia was not to subjugate the natives.

  • 6

    The war ended with the defeat and subjugation of the Zulus.

  • 7

    This is to say that they subjugate the interest of the individual to the group.

  • 8

    It compelled the British to recognise a thorough subjugation of the Hos.

  • 9

    It discusses violence as a means of liberation and a catharsis to subjugation.

  • 10

    The treaty allowed the British to still subjugate the Irish.