To strum is to play a musical instrument by plucking the strings with your fingers. Strumming is often used to accompany singing or other music.

  • He strums the guitar to accompany his singing.

  • She strums the guitar to accompany her piano playing.

Definition of strum


sound the strings of (a stringed instrument)




sound of strumming

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Example Sentences for strum

  • 1

    The game reads the middle setting of the strum selector as a strum.

  • 2

    Can decapitate with a single strum of a chord.

  • 3

    Eleva and Strum each house an elementary school.

  • 4

    Strumming, on the other hand, will yield a harmonious pulsation.

  • 5

    It opens with a guitar chord strum, played backwards.

  • 6

    He continues to strum the guitar but no sound comes out.

  • 7

    Strum and up down arpeggio modes are also provided for.

  • 8

    The piece features captivating imitations of banjo rhythms and strumming.

  • 9

    Then, as he strolled off the stage, he strummed the neck of the guitar.

  • 10

    ANYONE can learn to strum a few chords and call themselves a guitarist.