Stringy means having a soft, sticky texture. When you say something is stringy, you are describing it as being very soft and difficult to move.

  • The soup was stringy and difficult to drink.

  • The dough was stringy and very difficult to work with.

Definition of stringy


(of meat) full of sinews; especially impossible to chew


fibrous, sinewy, unchewable


forming viscous or glutinous threads


ropey, ropy, thready


lean and sinewy




consisting of or containing string or strings

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Example Sentences for stringy

  • 1

    Most were soft, gnarled and stringy.

  • 2

    The stringy backpacker will certainly scurry across it.

  • 3

    In some dialects, this is also used for mangy or stringy animals, or fowl.

  • 4

    It does seem a bit stringy, on the whole...

  • 5

    There are a few run on, or otherwise stringy sentences.

  • 6

    The bark is thin, greyish fawn, and somewhat stringy.

  • 7

    The stringy backpacker will certainly scurry across it on the crossties.

  • 8

    The rough stringy bark is grey brown in colour.

  • 9

    He appears sickly, with sparse, long and stringy hair.

  • 10

    Older branches covered in stringy and flaky brown bark.