When someone is stoically calm, they are not emotional or upset. They are usually very calm and composed, even in difficult situations.

  • He stoically accepted his fate and walked to the executioner's block.

  • She stoically endured the pain of the burn.

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Example Sentences for stoically

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    As for me, I take this stoically.

  • 2

    Henry suffers all this in stoical silence.

  • 3

    She's coping stoically, but she's not happy.

  • 4

    Ronald stoically obeyed this injunction to the letter.

  • 5

    He is taking this enforced break stoically and admirably.

  • 6

    Training included preparation for a stoical, unflinching death.

  • 7

    He stoically tells A Flight to be ready for the dawn patrol.

  • 8

    Valerie faced these blows stoically, confiding only in her journal.

  • 9

    The play concludes with Beatrice walking stoically to her execution for murder.

  • 10

    He reportedly met his execution stoically asking only for tobacco.