A steppe is a large, open area of land that is usually covered in grass. It's usually found in the middle of a desert or in a cold country.

  • The steppe is a huge area, and it's mostly desert.

  • The steppe is a great place to ride horses.

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Example Sentences for steppe

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    The natural vegetation of the area is scrub and steppe.

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    The vegetation of the range is primarily sagebrush steppe.

  • 3

    It is situated in the steppe region.

  • 4

    It is the largest city on the steppe.

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    The area's climate is steppe or semiarid.

  • 6

    The Steppe Eagle is the national animal of Egypt.

  • 7

    It was only in the steppe governments that the situation was more hopeful.

  • 8

    Her search was in vain and the karkara remained on the steppe.

  • 9

    The clearly expressed steppe with the tracks of the former forest.

  • 10

    At the same time, the cultural influence of the steppe nomads grew.