The word steadier has two meanings. The first meaning is that something is more stable than something else. For example, a ship is steadier than the water it's in.

  • The ship was much steadier than the waves.

  • The car was much steadier than the wind.

  • The UN peacekeeping mission has been much more stable than the warring factions.

Definition of steadier


That which steadies something.


Firm in standing or position; not tottering or shaking; fixed; firm.


Constant in feeling, purpose, or pursuit; not fickle, changeable, or wavering; not easily moved or persuaded to alter a purpose; resolute.


Smooth and not bumpy or with obstructions.


Regular and even.



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Example Sentences for steadier

  • 1

    The steady grip was designed for improve steadiness while taking a shot.

  • 2

    The steadiness of the vehicle is proven.

  • 3

    Owing to its steadiness, it is contented.

  • 4

    Steadiness is the hallmark of the finished spaniel.

  • 5

    His props are steady and firm.

  • 6

    Bushmaster was grateful for the unity and the steady employment.

  • 7

    In Netherlands, the Germans made steady process.

  • 8

    Firstly they are taken at a steady, unhurried pace.

  • 9

    The history of the industry is the history of steady mechanization.

  • 10

    The trouble in their approach was the assumed steadiness of the flow.