Staunchly means strongly. People who are staunchly opposed to something usually have very strong feelings about it.

  • The politician is staunchly opposed to the new law.

  • The scientist is staunchly opposed to the theory that the Earth is round.

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Example Sentences for staunchly

  • 1

    He is a staunch supporter of the Palestinians.

  • 2

    Alexander staunches the wound with his diadem.

  • 3

    Both were staunch friends of the arts.

  • 4

    I am a staunch supporter of Taiwan.

  • 5

    Enlist the help of a staunch Defender of the Cruft.

  • 6

    Leibowitz was a staunch believer in the separation of state and religion.

  • 7

    He was a staunch defender of the independence of the European Commission.

  • 8

    Donohue is a staunch defender of Mel Gibson's movie.

  • 9

    My father was a staunch believer in democracy and the rights of the people.

  • 10

    Political power was held by the staunch puritanical fellow believers.