A startup is a new company or business. When a startup is starting off, it is often very small and undeveloped.

  • The startup is still in the early stages, and it's not very successful yet.

  • The startup is very successful, and it's growing very quickly.

Definition of startups


the act of starting a new operation or practice




the act of setting in operation

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Example Sentences for startups

  • 1

    After the initial startup, the pipeline was intended to run continuously.

  • 2

    She is on the board of directors for the startup.

  • 3

    All of them had the microware startup.

  • 4

    It is the total time, including the startup time.

  • 5

    He also created the startup sound.

  • 6

    Also, check the startup folder of the affected user.

  • 7

    Clocks could also appear at closedown or startup.

  • 8

    I disable the startup sound in the settings and it works fine.

  • 9

    During startup, the graphics of the splash screen show a Valknut.

  • 10

    All to be announced in 2010 and eventual startup in the fall the same year.